Meet Fran Raczek, October Aide of the Month

Congratulations to our October Aide of the Month, Fran Raczek! Fran has been a Supportive Care Aide with Family & Children’s Service since November 2016. Unlike CHHAs, who must complete 76 hours of specialized training and pass a competency evaluation before becoming certified and licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing, Supportive Aides do not need a license. They also do not provide personal care but are available to assist with household activities such as meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping.


Prior to working as a Supportive Care Aide, Fran worked as a preschool teacher. When asked why she chose to become a Supportive Care Aide, Fran expressed her interest in working with seniors and how she wanted to see what it would be like to help a different population.

Fran says that the career change has proven to be beneficial. “I find it more fulfilling sometimes than when I used to teach preschool.” She says, “I didn’t see the end result when I taught preschool, but I more or less see the result here because I hear it in the feedback from clients.”

Fran was selected to be Aide of the Month for her outstanding commitment to the agency and the clients she serves. When asked what she believes are the most important qualities to be a good Aide Fran replied, “You have to have compassion and understanding. You have to meet people where they are and treat them with respect.”

Fran’s genuine love for her clients and the work she does is evident in the way she speaks about it. “I do this part time because I am semi-retired, but I look forward to it. I enjoy meeting the new clients, it’s always interesting to learn about their life.” Fran says, “Sometimes when they greet me, they’ve been looking forward to seeing me which is nice to know.”

When asked how she is able to build meaningful and trusting relationships with her clients Fran says “You have to really get to know your clients. It’s not just a job. Sometimes you have to work a little bit longer and come in a little bit earlier just to help them and go above and beyond what you really should do.”

The piece of advice Fran has for anyone considering becoming a Supportive Care Aide is that “if you care about people that’s all you really need; to be caring and patient.”

Congratulations Fran and thank you for your hard work and dedication to your clients!

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