Serving Monmouth & Middlesex counties

Adult Protective Services (APS)

APS programs have been established in each county in New Jersey to receive and investigate reports of suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults living in the community.

Aware of or suspect abuse?

If you are aware of or suspect abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult living in Monmouth or Middlesex counties, please call APS immediately.

Monmouth - Call (732) 531-9191Middlesex - Call (732) 745-3635Online Referral Form

Who is at risk?

- Vulnerable adults who cannot adequately protect themselves
- The frail, mentally or physically disabled
- Those who live alone and are isolated with no family or other social support

What is elder abuse?

Abuse may be physical, psychological, sexual, or financial

Physical - May take the form of caregiver neglect when the vulnerable adult's basic needs are not being provided for adequately.

Financial - Exploitation may occur when a vulnerable adult is grossly overcharged for goods or services, or otherwise cheated out of their money. It may also occur when a friend or family member takes advantage of the vulnerable person.

Self-Neglect - This usually occurs when adults are unable to care for themselves properly because of mental or physical illness. They may need financial or physical help, but lack the capacity to see it.

Who can help?

- Family & Children's Service can begin to help with just a phone call.
- Reports may be made by anyone, and the person making the report is assured anonymity if requested.

When a report is received:

APS sends a trained worker to the alleged abused person's home to assess the validity of the report.
If the report is confirmed, and the vulnerable person is willing to accept help, the worker will take steps to identify and put in place those services that can help protect the vulnerable person.

Services may include home health care, meals on wheels, mental health services, legal and consumer protection services, and other vital community-based or long-term care services