Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! The name and purpose of this day of recognition has changed slightly over the years. It originated during World War II, when there was a need for skilled administrative professionals in the workforce. It helped to recognize the contributions that administrative personnel brought to the economy, as well as support their personal development and hopefully attract people to the field.

What was once a job that needed enticing in to, is now among one of the most searched for jobs in the US, according to indeed.com. The improved perspective of the job was not the only change, what was once called National Secretaries Day has evolved into Administrative Professionals Day. This encompasses a wider range of professionals that hold many different responsibilities and job titles, each one indispensably beneficial to the organizations and people they support.

Administrative support is now a highly sought-after job among job seekers, commonly looked at as a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain valuable work experience in a career path that you might be interested in or if you are reentering the workforce after an absence. I find myself with that exact opportunity as the development and marketing assistant here at Family and Children’s Service (FCS). I am a recent college graduate of The College of New Jersey and through personal experiences and interests I knew that I wanted to start to build a career in nonprofit work. Working as the development and marketing assistant at FCS has proved to personally be the best ‘foot in the door’ opportunity I could have imagined, right out of college.

As an administrative support role at FCS I get to see and feel that the work I am doing is contributing to the organization that I work for, and in turn, the community that we serve. I feel grateful to know that every day the job I am doing is meaningful, while I am still learning so much from on the job experience and guidance from colleagues. I benefit from an atmosphere at FCS that affords me the chance to learn from the responsibilities that fall under the development and marketing assistant as well as opportunities to go to seminars, conferences, and events that help me build first-hand experience and relationships in a career field that I strive to succeed in.

So today, much like any other day, I am appreciative of my colleagues at FCS who hold administrative roles. Every day I am motivated by the devotion they bring to their jobs. Often times their work is the glue that keeps the organization together and running smoothly and for that, thank you, and Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Christina Caccamo

FCS Marketing & Development Assistant