Representative Payee


For people with serious cognitive, mental or developmental disabilities, knowing how to manage money properly can mean the difference between living independently, and becoming homeless. Failure to pay the monthly rent or bills can result in the loss of utilities, credit termination and even eviction, placing vulnerable individuals at risk and increasing the need for intervention services.

As a designated Representative Payee, Family & Children’s Service is approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to assist individuals and families who are unable to appropriately manage their finances due to physical, mental or emotional impairment and/or substance abuse.


  • Distributing clients’ funds most effectively
  • Working with social workers to determine the best plan for each client’s monthly budget
  • Working with the Social Security Administration to exchange information and ensure clients’ funds are continual
  • Conserving and protecting any excess funds the client may possess to his or her benefit
  • Preventing clients from becoming homeless, which in turn improves their quality of life and reduces the need for intervention by the Monmouth County Division of Social Services