Adult Protective Services, Social Worker

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 Works under the supervision of the Adult Protective Services, Social Work Supervisor.


To render direct social work service to a selected group of clients in a manner to insure maximum benefits to clients.  To perform all related activities, such as (1) making full use of the agency’s resources and outside facilities, (2) performing basic administrative tasks, and (3) participating in research and community work. 


Within the limits of the agency’s policies and procedures, a case worker is responsible and has commiserate authority to perform the duties listed below and is directly accountable to the Social Work Supervisor.  Performance of these duties requires extensive and regular supervision.  Duties included are:

  1. To render direct social work service to clients within the elderly and adult disabled population. This includes a caseload in accordance with the needs of the agency and the population.
  2. To perform administrative and office tasks such as filing, entering information in case records, etc., related to these duties and responsibilities, and according to APS policies and procedures.
  3. Within the community and cooperative agency structure, to possess the ability to interpret the agency’s and the program’s function and philosophy in relation to the case worker’s job function.
  4. To participate in studies of particular problems, issues or of social work practice, if designated.
  5. To establish a cooperating working relationship with other staff within and outside the agency.
  6. To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of appropriate resources of the elderly and disabled in the community.
  7. To respond to the assignment of cases within the required time frame (either immediate or three working days, as required) and according to all other APS policies and procedures as delineated in the New Jersey APS Provider Manual.
  8. On a mandatory basis, to be available to respond to after-hours emergencies via the Emergency Response System (ERS) with responsibility to follow ERS guidelines.
  9. To respond to, and assess, emergency situations involving clients who are at risk of serious harm to themselves or others, illness or death.
  10. To de-escalate crisis situations involving hostile and/or uncooperative clients and alleged perpetrators who may have criminal histories, may be drug addicted, or may be alcoholics or under the influence of alcohol.
  11. To maintain ongoing communication with home care providers to monitor client progress and to ensure that client needs are being met.
  12. Any other duties as required.



Contacts with all staff and representatives of other human service agencies, governmental agencies, criminal justice agencies, and regulatory agencies on local, county and state levels.



Majority of duties are light duty which require standing, sitting, bending, speaking, hearing, manual dexterity, and near visual acuity, and the ability to drive a motor vehicle.  Workers are exposed to unsanitary conditions, vermin and insect infestation, client bodily fluids, and clients who may be infected with TB, AIDS, or other contagious illnesses.  Field visits are often made to condemned houses or homes with various types of structural damage.



  1. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.
  2. Two years experience in protective services or social work required. Experience in geriatric social work preferred.
  3. Have demonstrable work habits, such as good organizational skills, punctuality, respect for clients, and group and individual
  4. Possess knowledge of human development and interpersonal interaction.
  5. Have the ability to accept and utilize supervision.
  6. Possess demonstrable ability to empathize with clients of varying personality and social traits.
  7. Must possess a valid New Jersey’s driver’s license and an available vehicle.
  8. Demonstrate a working knowledge of basic legal limitations that insure client self-determination and privacy while not risking social worker liability.